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How do I Know if there is a Lawsuit or Judgment Against Me

We are frequently asked by clients how they can know if there is a judgment against them or if someone has filed a lawsuit against them.  Generally, If you have been sued, unless you have changed your address and left no forwarding address, you will have received notices that you were being sued. 

Even if you were not served with papers notifying you of a lawsuit or don't know whether you were served  or if a judgment was filed against you an attorney at our firm would be happy to look up your court records electronically on OJIN (the Oregon Judicial Information Network) and quickly determine if you have been sued and if so by whom.  We can also determine if there are judgments against you and who holds the judgment.  If more specific information is needed about the judgment we can request a copy of the judgment from the court records department for the appropriate county.  We regularly interact with the courts in Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Lincoln and Linn Counties and can easily help you find out if there are judgments filed against you or pending lawsuits.

Remember, at our firm all of this is part of your free initial consultation for bankruptcy.  If through our search on OJIN we find that you do have a lawsuit or judgment against we can discuss with you how bankruptcy can help deal with the situation.

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